Here are 10 easy ways to get your home ready to sell

Curb appeal

The outside of your house the is the first thing a potential buyer sees so it is extremely important to make sure your house has curb appeal. Make sure your house gives off a great first impression by doing small updates such as touching up areas that need a new coat of paint, updating old hardware and cleaning up your landscaping.


Pack away all personal items that are around the house, such as picture frames. This makes it easier for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house.


Removing and organizing items around your home makes everything look cleaner and helps to reallyshows off the space.


No one wants to buy a house that looks dirty when they walk in the door. Make sure everything is clean before any potential buyer comes to look at the house.

Clean or Replace Carpets

If a potential buyer comes into a home and sees that the carpets are stained, the first thing that will come to their mind is that they have to remove all the carpets. This is a drawback for the buyer. Make sure the carpets are in good condition. 


The lighter and brighter you can make your home, the better it is for selling. Open up all of the curtains and blinds and turn on lights. Make sure you replace lightbulbs that need to be replaced.


Staging is important when selling a house because it can really show off the space. We can give you free staging advice when you list with us. 

Repair & Maintenance

Make sure anything around your home that needs to be fixed gets fixed before you list. 

Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

A great real estate agent is crucial in helping you sell your home. Call The Felgemacher Team today to help you sell your house for the best price in the least amount of time.