why use a realtor?

If you're sick...you go to a doctor


If you want to sell your home, doesn't it seem logical to turn to a Professional Realtor?

Your Realtor will put all of his or her experience and resources at your disposal to make every effort to get your home sold quickly and for the best possible price.

Taking time off from work to handle the sale of your home might end up costing you much more in time, effort, lost income, and frustration than what you thought you could save by not hiring a Professional. Not to mention, your legal liability for not doing all the required paperwork.  

In 2006, homes that used the services of a real estate Professional, on average, sold for 32% more than FSBO sales. Median FSBO selling price was $187,200, compared with $247,000 for Agent-assisted transactions. Almost always, the Seller will receive less money if they sell it themselves than they would have if they were using a Realtor to sell their home.